Non-destructive Excavations


Q Why should I call Mack Vac?

A Mack Vac has quickly become known as the go-to company for hydroexcavation and trenching services in the Leduc area. We offer competitive pricing, quick response times and excellent customer service. Contact us today for more information about our services and prices or to book one of our trucks.

Q What industries typically use hydrovac services?

A Hydrovac services are typically used by construction companies, municipalities, utility services, oil / gas companies and road building crews.

Q What happens to the dirt, water, etc. that gets sucked up during the hydrovac process?

A The water mixes with the dirt to create a slurry that is sucked up by the vacuum and deposited in a holding tank. The mixture can then be disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Q How much lead time do you need to book my job?

A At Mack Vac we do our best to work around your schedule as long as we have trucks and personnel available. We ask for at least a week lead time, but of course in an emergency situation we will get to your job as soon as possible. Contact us today to discuss your project.

Q What are the benefits of using hydroexcavation rather than mechanical means to expose buried structures?

A Hydroexcavation is faster, more precise, more cost-effective and safer, with less risk of damage to equipment and harm to personelle. Mechanical excavation - even shovelling by hand - can easily result in damage to buried structures, especially if their location is unknown. Mechanical excavations also usually require personnel to work inside the trench or the hole, which can be dangerous.

Q Is there any danger of the pressurized water damaging underground structures?

A The pressurized water is used to break up the dirt that is packed around the structures and not generally directed at the structures themselves. The process of hydroexcavation is considered to be extremely safe, both for the buried structures and the personnel working at the site.

Q Other than non-destructive excavation, what other uses are there for this equipment?

A Hydrovacs can be used for trenching, clearing culverts, cleaning up around building foundations, draining reservoirs, emptying septic tanks and removing excess water from flooded areas.

Q Do you provide hydrovac services in remote locations?

A Yes, we do offer services in remote locations, as long as our units can access the site. Please contact Mack Vac so we can discuss the details.

Q Is hydroexcavation a cost-effective way of exposing buried structures?

A Mechanical excavation requires a backhoe to do the digging, workers with shovels to clear dirt away from the structures, another machine to do the backfilling when the job is finished and possible a dump truck to haul away extra dirt or debris. Hydroexcavation requires one truck that has a clean water tank, a vacuum and a holding tank for dirt and debris.

Q Wouldn't digging by hand be safer than using pressurized water to expose buried pipelines and utilities?

A The sharp edge of a shovel can easily damage or puncture underground pipes and utilities if their location is unknown or if the worker accidentally uses too much force. Pressurized water is not usually directed at the structures themselves but rather used to break up the packed dirt around them. Keep in mind that those buried structures can include gas lines, electrical cables, oil pipelines, sewer lines and pressurized water lines, any of which could pose a serious threat should they be damaged or breached, either by a shovel or by large machinery.